Kuang-Ting Ko

kuang ting

I graduated from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, with an M.Sc. degree in Bioinformatics and Structural Biology. Under the supervision of Prof. Ping-Chiang Lyu and Dr. Shang-Te Danny Hsu in the master project, I constructed circular permutants of a knotted protein called YbeA to study the folding properties and structural effects of untying a topological knot in a protein. Afterwards, I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Shang-Te Danny Hsu’s lab in Academia Sinica, Taiwan, studying a complex structure of p97, an AAA+ ATPase, with a stress-induced adaptor protein using Cryo-EM.

My experience in solving crystal structures captivated my interest in structural biology. I will like to apply techniques to study the protein-protein interactions and structures in innate immune system when infected by pathogens.

Ko, K.T., Hu, I.C., Huang, K.F., Lyu, P.C., and Hsu, S.-T.D. (2019) Untying a knotted SPOUT RNA methyltransferase by circular permutation results in a domain-swapped dimer. Structure 27, 1224-1233

Ko, K.T., Lennartz, F., Mekhaiel, D., Guloglu, B., Marini, A., Deuker, D.J., Long, C.A., Jore, M.M., Miura, M., Biswas, S. and Higgins, M.K. (2022) Structure of the malaria vaccine candidate Pfs48/45 and its recognition by transmission blocking antibodies. Nature Communications 13, 5603